CHAPTER ONE – A Summer Romance in Corsica

Some years ago Jean-Yves became Olive’s summer romance except his love for her lasted for a little while.DSC_0328Their story began on a hot summer’s day on the island of Corsica.  It was like Olive was only a child, but she remembered everything, everything they talked about. Their first few words were sweet, something inside of her bloomed.  They spent many months loving each other. She felt the presence of Jean-Yves, she felt his looks and she knew they had something.

She never forgot the day they met, and after their holiday, they both were separated by the ocean once again.  Olive lived in London and Jean-Yves lived in Brussels.   Every day they spent all evenings talking to each other. She had the time of her life loving him, he told her that he loved her from the very beginning, and their love was so intense that they chatted until the early hours of the following morning.

Soon they were to spend the last two weeks of autumn together.  And while she was busy between her work and the preparation for her holiday, one day Olive received a letter from the postman.  She opened the letter and she read.

Dear Olive, I am Allana from Greece.  I found your address in the diary of Jean-Yves.  He and I have been very much in love for the past two years and in two days’ time I am travelling to Brussels to get engage to him.  I hope you will accept and understand my letter to you.  Yours sincerely, Allana.

Olive could barely swallow the truth, she picked up the phone and called Jean-Yves and to find out that she received the voice mail only, but she had no alternatives, she left a message for him by reading the letter that Allana had written to her.  And she ended her message by saying, “I am eager for an explanation from you, but if not, I wish someday you’ll find a way to do it.”

Night covered the sky of London and Olive never heard from Jean-Yves.   It was an intense night that crashed her world apart.  She was upset and angry for at least Jean-Yves could have only called and explain the situation, but all it became for Olive was a dark empty sky.   She lied in bed with a broken heart, anxious, paralysed, and not only did it changed her mood, it changed everything that was him and her altogether as one.DSC_0306.JPGThe following morning it was like nothing had happened the night before. Olive was still in love with him.  Maybe everybody could not see she was in love, and Jean-Yves apparently knew she loved him. She even texted him once, and he never replied to her.  She knew that he was spending more time with her or friends and she had to face reality.  He never loved her the way she had loved him in the space of time they knew each other, but he never lost the scope in her life, and he held a special place in her heart.

Olive was too afraid.  She hadn’t met anyone like him.  When she thought of how much she wanted it to be, one look into it and her whole universe had cracks.  Days passed, and soon summer was over and her summer dream was over too, and Jean-Yves did not care enough to look it up and fix it with her and him together.  

Fun, parties, night life, friends, confidence, and there he was, among the streams of elites living and enjoying his life under the sky of Brussels. She kept thinking her heart stopped every time she thought “where in the world could he be?” And months after months, her heart never stopped stopping the thoughts of him, and she was so afraid and thoughtless.

What if he hadn’t known Allana? Would it have changed everything? When she thought it would last forever, it had already blown away.  She wished he could remember that day they met and realized that if anything breaks up, they could of mend it, they should not have thrown it away just because it had broken – “why could he not see it that way,” she thought.

“It’s perhaps was my own fault,” thought Olive.    She reasoned that she should have taken time to know him, and nothing such of a letter could have broken her world, but something that blinded her failed her too. What was it that faded their love for each other, she envisioned.

One year passed, and a second one followed.  Olive made it the past and she closed the chapter. She was so afraid that she couldn’t find the courage to talk to him anymore, all she could remember was only her heart knew how much she wanted it.  It seemed Jean-Yves slipped away, and he really did.  Day in and day out, she dreamed that they were still together, that feeling was amazing but terrifying and in vain.                                                                                                         

One morning while she had breakfast, Olive felt the moments they could have had together had become lost days and years gone past.                                          

By then Olive had picked up her life and in London where she lives, her profession keeps her busy.  She had lots of friends, some families whom she visits a couple of times in the year.

Two years have passed, with no words from Jean-Yves.  One evening her phone rang.  She knew it was him since she kept his number all along.  He asked her if they could talk, and she sincerely said yes, “I am more than happy to talk to you.”  He did not wait long to tell her how much he wanted to explain to her but if only she wanted to meet he is happy to come meet her where she was.  And so she did not hesitate to accept, she agreed and she invited him to come and stay for a couple of days.

And only one small ocean separated Jean-Yves and Olive.  He flew out to London to meet with her.  They blossomed their love and built the confidence and trust and all they wanted was to be together.  He told Olive how much she meant to him and that Allana was a mistake, and he was sorry for not returning her call because he was afraid, he panicked, and having met her was to change his life away from Allana.  She told her the letter was also a mistake and he planned to get engaged, but there was no final decisions made upon the engagement and he has called off everything between him and Allana.

Blinded by his words and the love she had for him, Olive fell madly in love with Jean-Yves once again, and even more than she did, before he slipped away from her.  And of everything Jean-Yves could think of now is to quit his life in Belgium to live with Olive in London.  But in Brussels, Jean-Yve’s mother is very ill.  And….. 

(the story is to be continued – end of part one)DSC_0292.JPGPlease note that the facts in the story is true, but names and some events have been changed and re-told and the story is my own original thoughts.  

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