The Freedom of Flower arrangements

How do we call a beautiful day, when you come home to find fresh flowers presented in the old elegant vase. DSC_0021Dated vases are not even needed to display flower arrangements.  They can also be cast in their own artistic ornate manner, set on an old table by the window or on an old suitcase or trunk with or without flowers.  And here is a shabby chic little corner I made up for myself for when I find time to read my book.  And plus a vase with flowers is never missing next to me.DSC_0001Period vases are forged from a diversity of substances and materials inclusive of glass, and porcelain, ceramic and metal.  Not forgetting that also wooden vases that have been a beauty in floral arrangements for decades in homes were treated to prevent them from becoming rotten. Victorian and Edwardian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau antique vases are all sorts of genre in the approach style of antiques.  In all respect of the olden days craftsmanship has illustrated the unfolding of human civilisation. The vases in their shapes and frameworks are meditative of these. Crafted to aspire the decoration of flowers in the home.  The depiction and mastery of vases have transformed at an end, a creativity shaped in their own desire, from ancestral shaped vases to more present day vintage vases.DSC_0001Two days ago I went to the post office and I found a magazine that I haven’t read for a very long time, entitle “Homes & Antiques.”  As I fiddled the pages, I found out there were a chapter of few pages with a story of vases, and it hit me home, so I bought it in thought I would like to share with you at my blog today.   Since I wrote a few paragraphs of “vases and flower arrangement” some years ago, I thought it was time to redo them.  And since that all my vases been packed and sealed, I reminded myself that sharing my own paragraphs with you would make a post today by adding pictures from the home magazine..  

And here I am sharing the beautiful pictures from “Homes and Antiques” magazine which I hope you will all appreciate the colorful tastes we can bring to our home from one season to another.010006007017016011014009013012 - Copy015008I am taking some time before I sleep to read the few pages of what they wrote about the topic of vases and flower arrangements.  When it comes to vases, flowers and home decorating – it’s me!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are all set for summer in your own little ways.  Have all the fun and thank you for visiting.  Love you and leave you – Cheerio!DSC_0005The first two pictures belongs to me and the rest were featured in the “Homes & Antiques” Magazine.  Writing in words are mine! Thank you!


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