CHAPTER TWO – Another Chance to Love AgainDSC_0164Olive lived in a cottage on an island in the middle of the River Thames.  The cottage was lavished with green foliage, trees and a pond filled with fishes.  She had known this island since she was a young girl, she visited her grandmother who lived in the cottage where she actually lives.DSC_0240But the island was a place where the residents threw away nothing unwanted.  Everything outdated are regarded as their past and they decorated their gardens with all the shabby pieces of things that were tired and once upon a time it was the love of their home.DSC_0260The island was not a place of luxury homes. Everyone lived in a shabby old cottage with green gardens and everything old and out-dated.  DSC_0234After Jean-Yves returned to Brussels, and the thoughts of Olive were full of excitement and true love, she was the woman he wanted to cherish for the rest of his life.  That day he left London lingered in everything he did every day.  It was as if it was yesterday he listened to the microphone announced the departure from London St Pancras to Brussels Midi.  As he stepped on the train he knew he was going to lose the vision of Olive the sooner the train slipped on the rail track. 

They embraced and kissed each other, in thoughts that this would be the last time they said goodbye, and they knew it was not going to be too long before they met again.  He took his seat on the train and watched Olive stood on the platform.  As the train moved, they both waved goodbye to each other while Olive walked alongside the platform as she waved him goodbye, until he lost tracked of her.  The train picked up the speed as it left the station.  And knowing he was in first class he wanted latitude to focus and eased his mind watching the mesmerizing countryside panorama between the English Channel and Brussels Midi speeding by.  It was a journey that would remain like a written note in the history of his life, and after a few hours he stepped down from the train.  From there on his life took new turn, he had some tasks to complete.

And meanwhile, Olive had gotten busy with her professional life.  She shared her days between her job and the preparation for the return of Jean-Yves.  She thought of love as a two way street and knowing  sooner it was going to be two people under one roof and therefore things was going to be re-arranged. And she couldn’t wait for that moment of her life to recite.

Far away on the other side of the Channel, Jean-Yves visited his mother who was ill.  He spent half of the day with her.  He cooked her lunch and they dined together.  His mind filled with the changes he was about to embrace, he wasn’t ready yet to of told his mother of his adventure and how much he loved Olive and that soon something was going to happen.  He promised his sister he will visit her – he wanted to discuss with her about the care of their mother, while he would be away from Brussels.

The following afternoon Olive picked up an envelope in her door as she walked in from work. She opened the envelope and she read – “Darling Olive, Thank you for the wonderful accommodation and time spent with you were excellent and fun, words are not enough to say thank you for the warm hospitality filled with love.  The decision is ours.  I will come back to you and we will live together openly for all to see.  We were intended for each other, and as much as you love me, I love you too.  I followed my heart and it led me to you. Love until the world ends. Jean-Yves

She couldn’t be any happier to have read some sweet notes from Jean-Yves.  She wanted to talk about her happiness, so she pulled out her phone and called Jasmine, her long time school friend, and invited her for a sleep over since it was a Friday. Sooner Jasmine arrived.  Both girls have missed so much on each other since they lived and worked on different sides of the town.  They hugged, laughed and cheered with some glasses of wine.  The weekend was greatly spent together, a weekend they would remember for many years to come.  Their conversation was all about the new ventures and the love she had for Jean-Yves.  Her friend was all happy for her and she supported her to the core of her new beginning.

Yet on the other side of Europe, Jean-Yves handed in his resignation, and in a few weeks’ he would wave goodbye to the people he had known for a very long time.  At that same moment his boss was anxious about him and he informed him that he made a transfer for him and guaranteed him his position in the London Fire Department as a Fire Engineer, a job he had done well for many years.  All went well for Jean-Yves, before he left, it was good news that definitely he had been accepted in a new job in London in the same position he was in Brussels.  He was intelligent and he graduated from the Engineering and Design of Fire Protection Systems.

That same evening, he rang Olive and broke the news to her that he would start work as soon as he settled in London.  The following morning, Jean-Yves visited his sister.  The breaking news was all happiness for her.  She told him that life was not made to live in one place all along.  She said to him that she would take care of their mum, but they must both think wise how to tell their mum of his move, since she was ill.  He never knew that his mum would never hear the great news of his adventure.  One week later Jean-Yves’ mum passed away.  The departure of his mother bruised him so much.  Olive flew out to be next to him in his moment of distress.  They attended the funeral together and he knew that Olive and his sister would always be around for him.

All that remained was only two weeks left before he said goodbye to his job.  Olive waited for him while also he had put up his home for rent.  And in the waiting, his apartment in the center of Brussels found new tenants and they both move in with his sister until they departed.DSC_0139The island on the River Thames waited for their happy beginning……. (part three to be continued)DSC_0134.JPGPhotos and story are my properties

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