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Welcome on board my ship of “A FRENCH NOTE” with “Shutters, Lavenders and Sunflowers!”LAVENDER 002I’m Juli, craver of good food and cooking,  and lover of my beautiful daughter who lives the modern lifestyle but grew up the traditional way. 

“A French Note” is the scenery of our life in the French Countryside.

I love Photography and I ceaselessly carry my camera with me wherever I go.  I am an Exotic British girl who was born in the sunniest and warmest of all places, which is not surprising considering my sun burnt skin.  I was brought up by birds and I am a wanderer without wings who may be lost, and I try my best to notice the little things in life.

These days I dwell and write about our simple life in the south west French countryside which I am lucky to call home.  I talk about simple living and the ups and downs of life on the land.  I have no idea how I got here and I love and enjoy every minute of the pastures of life in the greens. Done 001I enjoy cooking and the kitchen is my best place in the home.  Gardening at home in the spring and summer is my other great inspiration.  I never miss a visit to our village flower markets where I buy fresh flowers for our home.  Decorating our home with flowers is a big part of my life and will always be.  And nothing is perfect about my home and my lifestyle, I love the imperfect. 

I have enjoyed my travel through blogging. I am bewildered at the beautiful excellent and influencing people I have met along the way.  It all started as a way to chronicle about home, family life and adventures but it soon grew and now I have readers who I consider as my extended friends and families all over the world.  The journey is amazing and I don’t want the destination to happen yet.  I hope you are enjoying your trip and that you will stay for a very long time.

“Que La Vie Est Belle!”

Enjoy the trip sailors!




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