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A FRENCH NOTE – Shutters, Lavenders and SunflowersDSC_0084Welcome to my little fabric of “A French Note.”

You may ask me, “why this name?”  Anything French bring “Shutters, Lavenders and Sunflowers” to my thoughts.  And living in the French countryside is how much it rings in my life and this is why I gave my blog this title.  DSC_0019Every summer I visit fields of Lavenders and when the fields of sunflowers show its blooms too, I cannot let them fade without a visit, and I always bring some home for my rustic vase. 001 - CopyAt “A French Note” is where I write about vintage home wares, collectibles, and my home made couture, which gives that shabby and country feel to my home and garden.  The remnant that will stand out, an old mirror, a lampshade, a shabby chair or an old faded picture, some pretty morsels that will catch attention.


Here is the place where I will share my vintage style couture.  And every pieces of crafts you will discover on this blog are all handmade by me for my home.  I throw away no pieces of fabrics, they are all used and made into something shabby chic, beautiful, and I will share them to you here.

I love interior decorating and my blog is where I will share pictures of interior decorating, flower arrangements, curtains, cushions, and many more aspects for homes.

Cooking and baking are some other entertainments of mine.  I will surely be sharing some interesting recipes when time throws some savvy cooking senses up my old brain.

Living in France has inspired my story about life’s journey, about being moved by what some may regard as “small things,” a bunch of tulips, a clear blue sky, and some fresh picked fruits from the garden.  It’s about passion, about growing up in a tradition where all the French tastes of my ancestors have always abide and passed on from one generation to another.  It is about living the journey without thinking about the destination. 

When I was young I kind of knew that one day I would travel to the roots of my ancestors and that I will find their shores where they did it all.  I am here today and I am living it.  

On top of all things, my blog is where I will share my adventures and wanders of a French lifestyle and country living.  There is nothing perfect about my home and my lifestyle, I love the imperfect!

And thank you for sailing this ocean with me and it is wonderful to know that you have anchored here to read about “A French Note.”

It’s been nice having you!


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