Exploring the Town and Villages of “Uzerche”

018Before I visited “Uzerche” I learned that it was called the “Pearl of the Limousin,” by famous English Writer, “Arthur Young.”   I thought a lot about it and why was it the Pearl of this Greenest Farming Province.  Until I visited the town and its villages, I understood why.
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I Spent Time by the Lake of “Saint Germain Les Belles”

DSC_0139This year 2016, I chose the month of June for my summer holiday away from home. When my daughter was still at primary and secondary school age, I waited for summer school breaks to go away with her.  Since she has now grown up into a young adult, I prefer to take my summer break before the beginning of school days.  I like to spend time when there is peace and tranquility.  I think I have done my days like all mums, being away with kids are great years to cherish, remembering the noises of our kids and their friends.  But then one day comes the time that we can do it alone in the tranquil and peaceful pace of time.
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Why I Implied With Social Media

Social media has become the affluence of the newsy world.

This is an unreal and phenomenal entity, an existent that rules to influence me, my friends and the a la mode world.  The reality about the internet is that it is a well-fed network of different platforms consisting of intelligent streams of humanity sending and sharing knowledge, all at unrestricted paces.

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Every Holiday Has a Story to Tell!

In The Province Of Limousin In France


At the beginning of June I took a 20 days holiday to the Province of Limousin in France.

005 IMG_0254.JPG

It’s been my dream to one day tour the province and visit all the beautiful spots that Limousin offers.  I suggested to my friend that one day I would like to visit the Village of “Collonge-la Rouge.”  Then he replied to me, “Why Collonge-la Rouge?”  The reason he asked me that question was because when he was very young, he’d visited the Collonge-La-Rouge only once, and at that time, it was only a normal historic village and nothing more of what I wanted to see today.

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To Have And To Hold In The 1950’s

 Marriage in the 1950’s and 60’s – From “Yes I Do” to happily ever after.

A Walk Down The Isle in 1958 in Brazil

Long ago girls did not wait until after 25 years old to get married and they were expelled from college for marrying.  In the 1950’s girls were encouraged and pressured to get married young and they served their home as homemakers and mothers.  There was no need for them to go take a college education, their husbands were the providers of their homes. 
Vintage wedding gowns from the 1950’s  world war II era were made by seamstresses with an exceptional melange.  From character silhouettes to the textured façade laces, ruffles, weddings from the post war era reflected the actual fashion style, bride’s fashion manner and funds.

Pictures in topic shows a 1958 wedding of a beautiful bride and groom in Brazil. The bride wore a very pretty Vintage High Collar V Neckline Long Sleeve Lace Wedding dress and long ago girls wedding bouquet were made from fresh flowers.

Thank you for reading the beautiful piece of a “Walk Down The Isle”
(Please Note :  Pictures are not my property)
(Permission by “Valeria Wergles Cunha” of Brazil)

In The Province of Burgundy

In The Summer of 2014dscn1425As My Friend And I Was Looking For a Country Church He Attended Every Sunday With His Mother As a Young Boy.dscn1606La Bourgogne in the Summer of 2014.   This country lane took me back many years of the life I lived in the village.   Many a years ago, children would fill the country villages, playing and running up and down the country lanes, until the sun left the sky.  Today country lanes are lonely and empty and the children have vanished.  Which of the two questions would you ask?dscn1604Is the world no long a safer place for our children of  the new generations?  or
Is Technology playing its role in this development?dscn1603Though I did not grow up in France, this country lane brings memories to the life I had in villages in the 70’s when I was growing up in the village.  Oh well, bring back my 70’s days, I would roll up and down this country lane with my friends.  Gone the days, only memories remain as I would keep it safe – Down Memory Lane!dscn1602In the end we found the Country Church!   Christian-wise my family believed in their faith and we were regular attendees of our Anglican church.  I grew up loving churches as buildings and trust me wherever in the world I travel, I never miss an opportunity to photograph churches.  In fact they are all historical monuments.  Most churches in the world have faced the first and the second world wars, and to date they are still standing.dscn1607As beautiful as it is, made of stone, old, shabby, and most of all Chic!
(Old, Shabby, Chic and SACRED!) my camera did it right!DSCN1608.JPG And as we left the church behind us, there was already a beautiful sunset in the distance that rolled up the end of the day.

(Please note that pictures and writings are my properties)