A Backstreet Journey

May is a jollity month with spring in full swing and after all many trees have bloomed their fluffy flowers which have already faded but the trees remain green and pretty. DSC_0130Then throw in the royal wedding as soon as tomorrow.  Many fans would be camping in the small town of Windsor closer to the parade where the couple will ride along the streets after their ceremony. Read more

After flocks of works went against me

dsc_0070It had not been that easy week.  No, nothing much had happened.  My burden was the astounded piles of work that had crawled on top of me.  I had been trying to do everything. Being a mother is a challenging job and also knowing how tired it can be. Appointments didn’t seize to stop.  I found myself in between everything that was piling up.  One “Me” and what was I going to do next, as my brain started to twist in odd places.
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