Bleak Flow of Existence

Bleak stretch of time comes crawl in, always unannounced, and overlooked. They grab you by a bombshell, and when you look for the bullets you cannot even find a trigger to confront with them.  All you can manage to survive with is some old songs of faded times that made you felt better once.
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My French Holiday 2016 – Chateau Pompadour

dsc_0316Last year in June 2016 I holidayed in the “Farming province of Limousin,” the greenest province of France.   I had all the marvelous time a holiday could be.   I did not get the chance to visit Chateau Pompadour as it wasn’t listed at all on the list of venues I wanted to see while there.
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I Spent Time by the Lake of “Saint Germain Les Belles”

DSC_0139This year 2016, I chose the month of June for my summer holiday away from home. When my daughter was still at primary and secondary school age, I waited for summer school breaks to go away with her.  Since she has now grown up into a young adult, I prefer to take my summer break before the beginning of school days.  I like to spend time when there is peace and tranquility.  I think I have done my days like all mums, being away with kids are great years to cherish, remembering the noises of our kids and their friends.  But then one day comes the time that we can do it alone in the tranquil and peaceful pace of time.
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Sharing my world to the world

A this time 23rd October 2014, I decided to enter the Blogging World.   Even so, have I become a creator?
However it’s been a while since I heard about the blogging world.  Still I read about it many times and then thought I should give it a go.  And it wasn’t a difficult choice to make. At the same time I had found a platform.  Uniquely a place to illustrate my travel, people, places and everything else that constitute part of this world.

Before I started to write I stared at a blank page on a screen.  And I thought, “Why do I have to do this?”  Next came the question “what kind of stories and what am I going to write about?”   Then my first story became reality.

However it didn’t take me long to sense that creating my own blog is not only to get to know the world.   But to also share my world to the world.  Reaching out to the streams of humanity was a dream come true. I was already framing  sketches of where I go, what I see, what I do and how I live my daily life.  Sharing my ideas to those who will read about my passion, my work that I bring into the community where I live.  
Although Writing is fun,  but loneliness is not.  However when I write I find myself alone.  But my ideas and words keep me going.  As a result you don’t need to be a writer, a journalist or an author to write.  Uniquely anyone can write.  
 At the same time writing my own blog has given me the chance to share the pastures of the life, the creations, the travel and my family life I live for.
Finally I am already guessing what will be my second topic after my first introduction.